Floor Sanding London

floor_sandingIf you’re ever in need of floor sanding services and you are based in London, have a look at our company. We’re one of the leaders in floor sanding in London with extensive experience and we look forward to attracting new customers. We want to help you breathe new life into your floors and we hope you call us to let us know you need us.

Our working schedule is very flexible and allows for numerous appointments to be made during the week. We are open every day and would love to sand your floors. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Great floor polishing service on a good price!

I’m very happy with the job your handyman done, my floor is like new now.

Haven’t expected that such amazing results could be achieved on my floor.

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Long-lasting Floor Sanding

Our floor sanding makes your floors stain-resistant and durable for the years to come. Take a look at our company in London and be sure to book a service to see what we mean.

The floor sanding process we carry out may be narrowed down to the following stages:

  • Preparing surface
  • Filling gaps (if any)
  • Sanding with the best industry-provided machines
  • Staining
  • Refinishing

Floor Sanding Prices

We provide floor sanding and polishing services in London. Call us now and ask about our floor sanding services!


  • Sanding Only
    from £12 per m2
  • Sanding & 3 coats of lacquer
    from £15 per m2
  • Extra coat of lacquer, hardwax, oil or stain
    from £4 per m2
  • Sanding and 3 coats of wood floor oil
    from £19 per m2

Profesional Floor Sanding in London from Universal Flooring

Wood Floor SandingThe purpose of sanding is to remove any scratches, discolouration, stains and imperfection from the surface and to make it flat and smooth again. We use state of the art equipment and different grades of sandpaper, depending on the situation.

This is how we can achieve a nice and uniform look. Because the end product has to be flawless, we make sure we fill all the gaps, cracks and holes between the boards. This also insulates better the surface and prevents dirt from accumulating in between the floorboards, making it easy for you to maintain your floor.

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    Floor during sandingAfter we run our machines across the floor, we can also stain it. Normally, staining is done with a colour of your choice. The final step is to refinish the surface. The final coat is very important, as it will seal the floor and keep it from deteriorating so that you can use your floors longer.

    We can assure you all the products we use are the best you can find on the market. They will keep your floors in perfect condition and protect it from scratches and stains in the future.

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