Floor Installation London

floor_installationWe can offer you professional installation of all kinds of floors for your domestic and commercial properties. Whether you want stone, laminate, vinyl, tile, wood or other floor installation, you can count on our qualified floor specialists. They will prepare the surface by cleaning it well and then start the floor installation. All debris, dirt and dust will be removed, after vacuum cleaning and mopping your sub-floor and leaving it to dry well. If it is necessary the sub-floor area will be repaired before floor installation.

Our services are available at all times in London. Call us at 020 3745 5192or send us and e-mail to order your floor installation.

High-quality Floor Installation

Our high-quality floor installation includes:

  • Cleaning of the sub-floor by mopping, vacuum cleaning and drying it before installation
  • A wide variety floor types to choose from: stone, marble, laminate, tile, vinyl, wood and others
  • Preparation of the surface for installation: repair, cleaning and drying
  • Preliminary calculation of the materials, which will be needed
  • Choosing the direction in which your floor will be installed
  • Estimating the approximate price of the floor installation in advance

Our technicians will do the necessary preparation of the surface before installation. All the debris, dirt and dust will be removed. If there are some damages in the sub-floor they will be repaired. The surface of the sub-floor will be made completely dry before installation. We can offer you installation of all kinds of materials for your floor. Our floor technicians can consults you and help you choose the floor type for your property. Our floor installation services are provided for business and domestic properties in London. We can install laminate and wood flooring over concrete, tile and wood. If you prefer vinyl floor, it can be installed over any surface.

Our floor installation services will guarantee you excellent and long-lasting results. We use top-quality materials to install your floor, which are resistant and will serve you a long time. Whatever material you prefer for your floor, it will be installed professionally and with attention to details. Our technicians will do all the work in the most precise and adequate manner from planning, surface preparation to installation. Use our brilliant floor installation services which are at your disposal every day in London. They are provided on competitive prices and bring impressive and professional results. Use our call centre to schedule your floor installation.