Floor Polishing London

floor_polishingDo you feel like your floor needs to be brought back to life? Our floor polishing service, which is available within London, will help you do the trick. We offer first-class services that achieve long-lasting results. If you want to have shiny and perfect floors, there is no need to replace them.

Use our floor polishing to breathe new life into your old, faded floors. We operate seven days a week and are at your service nonstop, thanks to our customer support team, which is available 24/7. If you get in touch with us, we will discuss all the details with you. Get a free quote.

Great floor polishing service on a good price!

I’m very happy with the job your handyman done, my floor is like new now.

Haven’t expected that such amazing results could be achieved on my floor.

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Professional Floor Polishing

Floor polishing is part of your floor maintenance. Its purpose is to keep floors from becoming old and worn out with time. Our service is completely professional, so instead of counting on an ordinary worker, use our help and you won’t regret it.

More details about us:

  • We operate within London
  • Our products and equipment are state of the art
  • Our service takes several hours
  • We have lots of skills and knowledge about floor polishing
  • Our company is licensed

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Floor Polishing Prices

We provide floor sanding and polishing services in London. Call us now and ask about our floor sanding services!


  • Clean, buff and one coat of lacquer, hardwax or oil
    from £9 /m2
  • Clean, buff and two coats of lacquer, hardwax or oil
    from £12 /m2
  • Sanding & 3 coats of lacquer
    from £15 /m2
  • Extra coat of lacquer, hardwax, oil or stain
    from £4 /m2

Floor Polishing Services from Universal Flooring London!

Floor PolishingFloor polishing requires preparation of the surface. That’s why we will carry a few steps before we begin the very process. It is very important that the floor is clean and smooth. We will remove any debris by vacuuming the surface and then we will use specialised equipment to remove soil and grime that have embedded into the surface. We need to get rid of every scratch or imperfection prior to polishing.

When we are done, we will apply a protective polish all over the floor as many times as necessary to create the results we want to get. The products we use will make your floors durable and long-lasting. The protective layer we apply will keep scratches from appearing too early on the surface.

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    Floor Buffing Services London

    Floor BuffingIn the end of the service, we will check our work. It is recommended you let the floor sit for a while before walking on it again. The polish needs time to dry. But once it does, your floor will be ready to use again. It will be fresh and good-looking.

    We encourage you to give us a call if you need professional floor polishing services. We’ve got the best materials and the most qualified workers in London to get the job done the way you expect. Get in touch with us for more information.

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