Floor Edging London

floor_edgingA very important part of the floor installation process is floor edging. Regardless of the type of floor you have installed: carpeted, laminated, ceramic, wooden or other, floor edging is necessary to be done. Our floor edging services can offer you professional filling of the gaps between the walls and the floor with the same materials as the ones that your floor consists of. We can offer you a number of floor edging types, which differ in colour, size and design.

Complete your floor installation process by ordering our reliable floor edging services. They will ensure you professional edging of your floor, depending on its type. Our services are provided in London in a date and time, convenient to each customer.

Precise and Qualitative Floor Edging Services

You can count on our floor specialists to offer you the floor edging you need.

It includes:

  • Inspection of the floor and choosing the most appropriate floor edging for it
  • Smooth transition between your walls and floor
  • T-shaped floor edging
  • Transit floor edging
  • Angular floor edging
  • Step floor edging
  • Using silicone to glue the edges

Our floor edging services will protect the areas in your floor, which are expected to wear out first. Use them to complete your floor installation process. Our floor edging services are done by professional floor technicians, who can consult you on the most suitable floor edging type, appropriate for your floor and implement it accordingly. Use them to save your floor from daily wear and tear and keep your floor in a perfect condition. We use high-quality materials and silicone to glue the gaps between your walls and floor, making your floor resistant to daily usage. Call us at 020 3745 5192 or send us an e-mail to get more information and receive the floor edging you need. Our office is located in London.

Depending on the type of floor you have installed, our technicians will use the same material to fill the gaps in the edges of your floor. They can cope with floor edging of various types without a problem, making a smooth transition between the walls and floor. Our floor edging services are professional and trustworthy. They are provided every weekday and weekend in London. Feel free to call us at 020 3745 5192 or send us and e-mail to schedule the floor edging you need. Our floor specialists will choose the most suitable floor edging type for your floor.